How to Create and Edit Submission Steps

How to Create and Edit Submission Steps

Submission Steps define a flow or series of steps that take place before, during and after a submission is made. These steps are defined to occur Once per Conference (completed only once) or Once per Submission (linked to a submission).

If the step is a file upload or is linked to a form in the forms module and data exists, the submission step cannot be removed.

To make the submission step inactive, you will need to set 'Display' = No.

Main Submission Step and Co-Author Steps are system generated and cannot be removed. Note: If your submission does not use Co-Authors, this step will be hidden.

How to Create a Submission Step?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Submission Steps in the horizontal menu
  5. Click Add New Step button
  6. Provide Step Label > this is the label the end user will see on the Front-end
  7. Select Step Type > select from the dropdown list the action to be performed
  8. Select Step Frequency
    • Once per Conference = only has to be completed one time for the duration of the conference
    • Once per Submission = has to be completed for EACH submission
  9. Click Create button

  10. Click Edit beside the step created
  11. Define further settings such as:
    • Required
    • Link to a Related Form > if linking to a form in the Forms module
    • Set the acceptable file type formats (e.g. .doc, .pdf, .ppt etc.)
    • Set Display Only conditions
      • Note: Display only conditions are only applicable for when Step Frequency field is set to per submission; if once per conference then the Submission, then the display if conditions do not apply.
  12. Click Update Step button

Create a Submission Step to view Final Status or Reviewer Comments

  1. For Step Type, select Once Per Submission 
  2. Enter a Step Label e.g. View Final Status
  3. For Step Definition, select View Submission Status
  4. Click Create button
  5. Edit the Submission Step
  6. Set Display to Yes
  7. You may set the Display Only To value by selecting one or more items in the list
    NOTE: To highlight more than one option hold the CTRL button then click each item in the list
  8. Click Update Step button

Create an Update Profile Conference Submission Step

  1. For Step Type, select Once Per Conference
  2. Enter a Step Label e.g. Update Bio in your Profile
  3. For Step Definition, select Update Profile
  4. Click Create button

  5. Edit the Submission Step
  6. Set Display to Yes
  7. Click Update Step buttonOther Steps, see: 
  1. How to add an Upload Paper / File / Presentation Submission Step
  2. How to add a Conference Registration Step
  3. How to add a Disclosure Form Step

How to Edit a Submission Step

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Submission Steps in the horizontal menu
  5. Click Edit beside the step you wish to change. Some of these attributes may appear depending on the type of submission step created
    • Display
      • Yes = Will display this step on the front-end
      • No = Will not display this step on the front-end
    • Allowed File Types = select the acceptable file formats types to allow to be uploaded
    • Required
      • YES = this step will be mandatory
      • No = not mandatory
    • Display only to Session IDs = if applicable, select the relevant sessions where only the submissions scheduled in those sessions will see this step
    • Display Only To Submission Status = if applicable, select the relevant Statuses that should see this step
      • NOTE: If you do not see this attribute, you must define Final Status(es) first.
    • Display only to Value IDS = if applicable, select the relevant submission form responses that will see this step
  6. Click Update Step to apply changes

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