How do I add an Upload Paper / File / Presentation Submission Step

How do I add an Upload Paper / File / Presentation Submission Step

To add a step to Upload File(s):

  1. Set Step Type
    • Once Per Submission = linked to each submission
    • Once Per Conference = linked to an individual
  2. Enter Step Label i.e. Upload File(s)
  3. Select Step Definition
    • Powerpoint = Presentation file
    • Poster = Poster (this is a specific setting for online posters)
    • Draft Paper File = Draft paper version
    • Final Paper File = Final paper version
    • Multiple File Upload = for uploading multiple separate documents (you will need to create media fields for each document to be uploaded)
  4. Click Create button
  5. Click Media File Field button
  6. A pop-up screen will appear, enter the Field name and set the attributes associated to the field i.e. Display, Required and criteria and click the Create button (This will create the field as a submission form field)
  7. Review and set the attributes for the Upload File(s) step
    • Set Display = Yes
    • Click Update Step button

TIP - Removing a media field
If you accidently create more media fields than you need, click Form Fields in the horizontal menu to locate the field and remove it.

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