How do I add an Upload Paper / File / Presentation Submission Step

How do I add an Upload Paper / File / Presentation Submission Step

To add a step to Upload a Presentation File:

  1. Enter Step Label e.g. Presentation Upload
  2. Select Step Type
    • Powerpoint File = Presentation file
    • Draft Paper File = Draft paper version
    • Final Paper File = Final paper version
    • Additional File Upload = for uploading a document
  3. Select Step Frequency for Users
    • Once Per Submission = linked to each submission
    • Once Per Conference = linked to an individual
  4. Click Create button
  5. Click Edit beside the newly created step
    • Set Display = Yes
    • Select the acceptable file formats (Use CTRL/COMMAND-Click to select multiple options)
    • Select Display only restrictions, if applicable
    • Set the Required field, if applicable
    • Click Update Step button

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