How do I add a disclosure form or a related form to the speaker submission?

How do I add a disclosure form or a related form to the speaker submission?

FIRST - You must use the form module to create your form.

If the form is already created and you do not see the form as an option in the step configuration screen, then go back to the admin dashboard and edit the form settings.

Specifically for a form to be able to be tied to a submission step the form must:

  1. Be related to a conference
  2. Be assigned a 'Who Is Responsible' value

Both of these are edited on the form settings screen in the form module.

SECOND, Create the submission step

Click Dashboard
  1. Click Speakers Module
  2. Click Settings button
  3. Click Submission Steps in the horizontal menu
  4. Click Add New Step button
  5. In Step Type select Form Module
  6. In Step Label, enter text for the button label e.g. Disclosure
  7. In Step Frequency, select Once Per Conference
  8. Click Create button
  9. Edit the Step and apply the Display Attributes and ensure to link the Form in the Related Form field
NOTE: Only select Once per submission, if a disclosure form is required for EACH submission; therefore if the same person has 3 submission, they will need to complete 3 disclosure forms)

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