I have duplicate contacts. How do I Merge Contacts?

I have duplicate contacts. How do I Merge Contacts?

NOTE: This will move all items (e.g. author, abstract, review, registrations, member dues, groups, etc.) over to the master contact profile and then delete the duplicate contact profile in the Contacts Module. The information in the Master Contact profile will be maintained. The field values of the duplicate contact profile will not be copied over to the master contact profile. This means, for example, the address field value in the duplicate contact profile will not be copied over to the master contact profile address field. The duplicate contact profile will be deleted from the system after the merge completes.

If the main contact and any potential duplicate(s) belong to a member group, the merge contacts will not be allowed.  The contact profile of the potential duplicate(s) will need to be reviewed and removed from the member group first. Click here to follow the steps on how to remove an individual from a group and then return to this help article.


Previously you had to move registrations from one contact to another before merging, but now if the master account you are keeping does not have a pre-existing registration in the same registration module, then the merge will move the registration from the duplicate account over to the master account.

You can now also do a batch duplicate contact merge. See instructions here

If  both the master account and duplicate account have an existing registration within the same conference registration module, merge contacts will not be allowed. You will need to cancel and delete the registration (Click HERE) that is no longer applicable before performing the merge. You may also manually transfer a registration using the Substitute Attendee option in the Registration module, click HERE.

TIP: You may prevent duplicate contact profiles in the Speaker Submission Module > Settings and set the field 'Prevent Duplicate Names' to YES

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Contacts Module
  3. Search from the duplicate contact records and identify the one to KEEP as the master
  4. Click on the Manage button for the individual to use as the master
  5. Locate on the right side of the screen and click on Go To Merge Contacts
  6. Search for the duplicate contact profile record(s)
  7. Click on the box(es) located next to the duplicate contact profile(s) and place a check mark in the box. This will mark this contact profile record as the duplicate and it will be DELETED after the merge.
  8. Click Merge Contacts
  9. Click Merge
    NOTE: At this point, the system is finding all of the items matched against the duplicate(s) and assigning them to the master. Then it will delete the duplicate contact profile record(s) from the system. Please be patient, this may take a few minutes for the system to update.
  10. A message will appear indicating when the merge has completed.
  11. Confirm the duplicate contact profile has been removed, by going back into Contacts Module and search for the person. Only 1 row should now appear.
  12. You may also go back into the system and check the submissions and identified authors.

Screen to Search For the Contact, then click the checkbox beside the duplicates to be merged with the Master

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