How to Cancel / Reinstate / Delete an Attendee Registration?

How to Cancel / Reinstate / Delete an Attendee Registration?

How to Cancel an Attendee Registration?

Cancel a paid registration. This will remove all invoice items.

Do not use this method if you want to delete an individual invoice item(s) from an attendees registration i.e Tuesday lunch or Golf Tournament - If you want to delete individual invoice items, Click on Registration in the horizontal menu, then select "Delete Items"

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click your Attendee Module
  3. Click Manage button
  4. Locate on the right side of the screen
    • In the Search field, enter the first few characters of the Attendee First or Last name
    • Click Manage button for the row containing the Attendee name
  5. Click Payments in the horizontal menu
  6. Select Refund / Create Credit
    • Refund - Use only refund if your payment processor is directly linked. If the payment processor is not linked a message will appear indicating that Refundng is not available.
    • Create Credit - Use if payment processor is other than or Paypal.
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to issue the refund or credit.
  7. Click on Admin in the horizontal menu
  8. Select Cancel/Reinstate/Delete
  9. In ‘Cancellation Note’ field, enter the reason for the cancellation.
  10. Click Process Cancellation button
    NOTE: This will update the invoice and mark the attendee as cancelled.

How to Reinstate a Cancelled Attendee Registration?

  • If an attendee has been cancelled and needs to be reinstated to re-register for the same event, click Admin > Cancel/Reinstate/Delete menu. The only option available will be to Reinstate Attendee. The cancellation will be reversed, and the individual will be able to access registration..

How to Delete an Attendee Registration?

  • You may only delete an attendee who is cancelled. This will completely delete any history of the registration (including tracking notes).
  • If you are unable to delete a registration, it is likely there is a payment associated to the registration. For non-credit card type payments, you may edit the payment and delete it. If it is a credit card payment transaction you will not be able to delete the registration as the system will not allow the removal of transaction records associated with a financial payment.
Deleted Registrations are not recoverable.

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