How to Build a Review Form?

How to Build a Review Form?

For anyone initializing a new review module, click here for what's new as our review module has been updated. If you are using an existing module, continue reading below. If you would like to upgrade your review module, upon having read about the new functionality, contact . If your review module is activated after November 15, 2021, you are automatically using the new review module. 


  • Reorder the fields: From the List Fields screen, Drag and drop using the icon on the far left (resembling 3 horizontal bars) of the field to move to a new location.
  • Click the REMOVE button to delete a field on the form.
  • Set ‘Display Field’ to NO, if you do not want to delete the field, but keep the field and not display it. This is useful if this field may not be applicable for the current year, but applicable in following years.

How to build the Review Form:

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click  Review  button (If using the Paper Review module, select Review Papers in left side menu)
  4. Click Review Fields located in the horizontal menu
  5. If you have a pre-existing Reviewer Form in an another module - you may select the review form and click the Copy Form Fields button and then edit it. To add a new field continue to step 6
  6. Click + Add New Field button
  7. Select the Field Type
  8. Enter a Field Label
  9. Set ‘Required Field’ to YES, if mandatory
  10. For Values, you may enter a list of options separated by a ‘|’ (horizontal bar)
  11. Click Update Field to save.
  12. Click Preview Form button to see the Form and all of the fields

Edit Field Type for a Review Form
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click  Review  button (If using the Paper Review module, select Review Papers in left side menu)
  4. Click Review Fields located in the horizontal menu
  5. Click Edit for the field to edit
  6. Scroll to Field Type to change the setting.
  7. Click Update to save changes
    NOTE: You may need to edit each option when changing the field type to ensure the proper database values are defined. Click here

Recommendation Field
  1. You may defined a singular field as a recommendation field. This is useful when you have one reviewer. If you have multiple reviewers, there is not total or summary roll-up of this field.

Scoring Fields

  • If you have created a scoring field (a radio or drop down field with scoring options like 1-10) make sure to check off the Summation button on the Field Type 
  • If you set it as a Summation field, this field will to be added to the Total Score for the review
  • You can apply a weight to scoring type fields, to do so, enter a whole number in the Field Weighting (%) field - this means the field this is set on will only account for the set percentage in the overall score.

Reviewer Comments Field

  • If you have Reviewer Comments that you want to allow the Primary Authors to see, you must:
  1. Add a Comments Field (Text - Paragraph) to your review form and set Comments Field to Yes and Display to Author to Yes
  2. Add to Submission Steps, the Abstract Status type, with label e.g. View Comments
    NOTE: This will add a 'View Comments' button to the abstract screen. when the author logs in to the system, they will see the View Comments button and will click on it to see the comments, plus any other Review Form fields you have set Display to Author value as Yes.
  3. If you wish, you may use the [ReviewerComments] hot key to insert the Comments in your Final Status Email message
    TIP: When using the [ReviewerComments] hot key, If there are no Comments in the system, there will be no text displayed and may be confusing to the Emailed Recipient, so you may want to preface the [ReviewerComments] hotkey with text: 'If there are Reviewer Comments, they will be displayed below.'

Example of the Submission Review Fields screen


  • If you want certain fields to be viewable by the author, such as Reviewer Comments, you must enable the setting to allow the field to be visible to authors
  1. Set 'Display to Author' attribute = Yes.
  2. Note: you will need to add a submission step to enable this, click here

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