Where to start? Atendee Registration Checklist

Where to start? Atendee Registration Checklist

The purpose of this article is to provide a series of steps in the process of preparing your registration site. This article is useful for beginners, but also for those who may need a refresher.

Each of the below steps corresponds to one or more detailed articles within the Attendee Module itself.

Print this list off and check off the items as you follow the steps.

  1. Determine the fields for your Registration Form - View FAQ
    • What will be your main registration field?
    • How many different registration types and rates do you have?
    • Which registration fields are required?
    • Do you want to combine/separate registration items into different menus/screen?
      • e.g. Social Tickets, Guest Registration, Add-on purchases?
    • Do you have conditional Display If type fields?
    • Is there a maximum limit of how many times a registration item may be selected?
  2. Create your Registration Form - View FAQ
  3. Determine what, if any discounts and types of discounts you want to make available - View FAQs
  4. Create your Discount codes - View FAQs
  5. Determine which online payment provider you want to use, obtain your online payment provider setup information and update your Payment Settings to link to your payment provider - View FAQs
  6. Determine if a single tax rate is applicable to your Registration and setup your Tax Settings
  7. Determine what contact profile fields are relevant for your registrants - View FAQ
  8. Test your Registration Form - View FAQ
  9. Open your Registration site - View FAQ

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