Attendee Settings

Attendee Settings

How to open/close my Registration Site

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. In the System Status section of the window, click System Open toggle button
Green = Open toggle button / Red = Closed toggle button.
Anyone trying to access the registration link will no longer be able to register for your event.

As an administrator, you may still manually register individuals by using the ‘Add Attendee’ left side menu option.

How to Restrict Access to Admin Only?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. In the Module Settings screen, set the 'Site Open to Admins Only' = Yes
    Only individuals with administrative access will be able to access the module.
  5. Scroll down, click Update Settings button to save changes

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Locate the Front End Landing URL
  4. This is the link to your registration page for end-users. Post this link to the website or send it in an email message.

How to setup a free conference registration system?

Your form is basically the same as a normal registration - Add fields that you want to collect. None of the fields will be a financial field.

But you will need to mark one of your radio fields as the Main Registration Field (or create a single check box type field)

To do this, first, consider your form.

You must have a required radio button field. A radio button (or check box) is a mutually exclusive question - i.e. the user can answer one of the options.

You may already have this type of question on your form - e.g. "Type of Registration". If you do not have one, please create a new field.

When editing this field, check this option to Yes.

When you have a "Main Registration Field" = "Yes" - and the user has filled in this field on the front-end - when they get to the normal 'Checkout' page - the system will automatically display a 'Complete Your Registration' button instead of the more typical payment options.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click your Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Settings in the horizontal menu
  5. Select Payment Settings
  6. Scroll down to the Hotel Link field and enter the URL to your hotel group booking site

How to set what contact fields are applicable to the attendee registration contact profile?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings
  4. Click Contact Profile in the horizontal menu
  5. Set the Display Field
    • Yes = Shows the field on the attendee contact profile when accessing the registration
    • No = means the field will not appear on the attendee contact profile when accessing the registration
  6. Set the Required Field
    • Yes = Field is mandatory and must be completed
    • No = Field is optional
  7. If applicable, click Horizontal format the display of up to 3 fields in a row
    • Start Row = indicates this field will appear as the first field of the row
    • End Row = indicates this field will appear as the last field of the row
  8. Click Save Changes button for EACH corresponding field that has been updated to save changes
    Note: Only click the Save Changes button for the fields where the attributes have been changed. If no changes are made to a field, it is not necessary to click Save Changes button for that specific field.

Your site may be open, but the public link is hidden for testing purposes.

When ready to open registration, follow the below steps to unhide the public link.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. For the Hide Public Link field, click No
  5. Scroll down, click the Update Event button to save changes

How to add text to the Attendee login screen?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. In the Module Description field, enter content to appear on the login screen, if applicable

How to setup an admin email notification when a registration has been paid?

  1. Click Attendee Module
  2. Click Settings button
  3. Click Settings in the horizontal menu
  4. Select Payment Settings
  5. Scroll down to the Admin Payment Notification field, click Yes
  6. In the Payment Notice Email(s) field, enter the email address(es)
     To add more than one email address, separate emails by  ; 

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