Setting Program Time Zone Display Preference

Setting Program Time Zone Display Preference

NOTE: You must set a Time zone on the Conference Home page. If have not set a time zone for the conference , click HERE.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Program button
  4. Click Public Program & Settings in the horizontal menu
  5. Select Display Settings
  6. Set Default Time as follows:
    1. Conference Timezone = All program times display according to time zone of where conference is being held. i.e. the Conference Time zone that has been set in X-CD.
    2. Active User Timezone = All program times will convert and display according to end user's local time zone. e.g. If end user is located in Central time zone, the end user will see program times in Central time versus a person located in the Eastern time zone will see program times in Eastern time.
  7. Scroll down, click Update to save settings.

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