Live Session Chat

Live Session Chat

Allow your attendees in the same session to chat with each other via text as a group. Great for Virtual, Hybrid, and In-Person Events. 

Example of Session Live Chat:
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    • Live Stream Chat

      You can now post general comments during a live stream presentation. These are meant to be comments/posts that are non academic, and are not guided towards the presenter(s)/moderator(s) If enabled for your conference (there is a virtual app module ...
    • How Do I turn on Live Session Chat?

      You will need to ensure Live participation is turned on for this session. How Do I turn on Live Participation? Click Dashboard Click Mobile App Management in the left side menu If there is more than one app defined, select the app from the dropdown ...
    • Participants Menu in the Virtual Conference Settings

      Participants specific settings reside in this sub menu: Participants Email Messaging - allow participants to email each other. Note: Individuals will still have the capability to turn this off in their profile if they want to opt out. The email is ...
    • Download The Live Session Summary

      Click Dashboard Click Event App under your conference name Click Live Session Summary in the green GO! section of the Virtual Event App Management area.
    • How Do I Offset a Sessions Live Stream?

      Offsetting sessions live stream can be useful to allow your production team to play a roll-in video or an image and audio. This will override the countdown, meaning if a session is offset by 5 minutes then when the countdown hits 5 it will start ...