How to View Registrations?

How to View Registrations?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Manage button
    • This will display a list of all registrations in the system
  4. You may use the Filter By Status to select a partial view of registrations based on the following:
    • All = all registrations
    • Complete = Registrations where full payment has been made and there is 0 balance owing
    • Pending = Attendee has indicated an offline payment such as Check, Wire Transfer, Purchase Order
    • Incomplete = Any registration which has not completed a full payment or started registration and has not completed it
    • Incomplete Attendees with Payment = Registrations where a payment has been made but still has a balance owing or refund due
    • Incomplete Attendees with invoice items = Registrations containing selections from the registration form but still has a balance owing
    • Incomplete Attendees with no invoice items = Registrations that were started by an individual but contains no selections on the registration form
    • Cancelled = All registrations that have a canceled status
  5. You may use the Filter Registration Value to select registrations to be displayed based on the selected field/option on the registration form.
  6. Click the Manage button to view the full details of a specific registration for an individual.
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