How to upload a list of Exhibitors in the Online Program?

How to upload a list of Exhibitors in the Online Program?

The exhibitor module is a special page that is a directory of companies.
Each company can have a name, website, description, and booth number.
This data is entered into through a CSV file upload.

  • The order of the companies does not matter as they will appear within an alphabetical directory.
  • The exhibitor directory does not support images.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Mobile App Management in the left side menu
  3. If there is more than one app defined, click the app from the grid
  4. Under Get Set section, click Exhibitors
  5. Enter Screen Title e.g. Exhibitor Directory
  6. Set the Display Menu on option as:
    • Native Mobile App Only = if only using mobile app
    • Web Program Only = if only using the online program (web version)
    • Both Web Program & Native Mobile App = if using both online web and mobile app
  7. Click Add Screen
  8. Click the link to the right for 'Download the Import template' file
  9. Click the link to Download Import Template file
  10. Open the File in Excel
  11. Copy and Paste your data in the file
    NOTE: There will be a sample record in the file as an example.
  12. Save the File in CSV format
    • For PC's, use Save as File Type CSV UTF-8 (*.csv)
    • For MAC's, use Save as Windows Comma Separated (.csv)
  13. Upload the CSV file by Clicking Upload Exhibitor CSV

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