How to Refund a Full / Partial Payment?

How to Refund a Full / Partial Payment?

You may issue a refund directly using X-CD ONLY IF your payment processor is PayPal OR OR Moneris

AND if X-CD has enabled refunding for your site.

For those NOT using Paypal, or Moneris:
1. Login to your payment processor account and issue a direct refund.
2. Login to X-CD site and create a System Credit equal to the refund amount - View Create Credit article

To Issue a Refund Amount:
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Manage button
  4. Located on the right side of the screen, in the Search field, enter the first few characters of the Attendee first or Lastname
  5. Click the Manage button for the Attendee
  6. Click Payments in the horizontal menu
  7. Select Refund Payment
    • If the message 'No payments are eligible to be refunded.' it means this person's registration is part of an exhibitor/company registration, you will need to go to the Company Registration, go to Registration in the horizontal menu, select Manage Staff and then select the individual's registration and proceed to follow the steps from step 5 above
  8. If applicable, click the checkbox beside the registration item(s) being refunded, if refunding an amount not tied to a registration item, skip to step 9
  9. If applicable, enter a cancellation processing fee amount
    • This will add a line item for the cancellation fee on the invoice and will be subtracted from the amount to be refunded automatically.
  10. If applicable, if not refunding for a specific registration item, enter a refund amount in the Fixed Refund Amount field and if applicable, Fixed Refund Tax Amount
  11. Click Next
  12. Enter an Admin note explaining the refund reason
  13. Select the Refund Type such that
    • System Credit = will not process a refund in your credit card system. It will only create a system payment record. (Note: you may need to remove the refunded item or apply a discount to offset the refunded amount if is it a partial refund)
    • Processor Refund = will process a refund in your credit card system. For this amount, it will also create a corresponding payment record in the system. NOTE: This option will only work for those using Authorize.Net or Paypal or Moneris processors.
  14. Click the Process Refund button
  15. If you wish to send an email to the end-user, click Admin in the horizontal menu, select Email Attendee to compose a message and send it.
    • Note: You may attach an updated invoice showing the refund.
  16. If the person's registration should be canceled, then click Admin in the horizontal menu, select Cancel/Delete/Reinstate
  17. Enter a Cancellation note, click Process Cancellation
    • This will remove all items from the registration and mark them as canceled. Note: the attendee is NOT emailed.

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