How does the Q&A Tab Work in the Virtual Conference?

How does the Q&A Tab Work in the Virtual Conference?

  1. The Q&A tab allows attendees to poster their questions to the speaker.
  2. The Q&A tab can be moderated meaning questions are set to waiting for approval - this is the default setting.
    1. if questions are waiting for approval only, moderators, admins and the person that asked the question can see it in the Q&A tab.
  3. The Q&A tab can be set to auto-approve by the moderator or admin for the session.
    1. To set the Q&A tab to auto-approve click the manage button above the question input
    2. If you want all sessions Q&A to be set to auto-approve, speak to your X-CD project manager. 
  4. The attendees and the platform have no transfer of data back to the live-streamed meeting. This means a person will be required to collect and read or provide the questions to the speakers from the platform. This person will act as a bridge between the two worlds. 
    1. The standard flow for this process is as follows:
      1. An admin, moderator/chair, or volunteer will have both the meeting and the virtual platform open. 
      2. They will select the questions they want to ask.
      3. The questions are read aloud in the meeting, allowing the speaker to answer.
      4. Be sure to learn more about the Q&A tab and its features here.

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