Moderator Role and Moderator Tools in the Virtual Conference

Moderator Role and Moderator Tools in the Virtual Conference

The Moderator Role can be filled by a different individual than the person who is the Live Stream Zoom meeting Host. It is best practice to have two different individuals perform each role.
As the Moderator of a Live Stream Session who is not the Live Stream Zoom Host, begin at Step 1.

If you are the Live Stream Zoom Host, skip Step 1 and begin at Step 2.

  1. Login to the Zoom meeting URL using your own zoom account.

  2. Login to the Virtual Conference site with your auto-login URL provided from the Registration Email.

    1. Navigate to the session you are moderating in the Virtual Conference site.

    2. By Default the video player will be hidden.

    3. You can click show stream to view the video player.

    4. If you do enable the video player be sure to mute the sound on the player by clicking the Speaker icon in the video player window.

  3. To the right or bottom of the of the video player screen you will see a Q&A panel

    1. Note: If you are in Theater mode or if the stream is hidden, the Q&A panel will appear under the video player screen.

  • Manage Tab

    • You will be able to get the Live User Count for the session

    • Turn on/off the Auto-approve Q&A

      • This is defaulted to OFF. This means for all questions to become public they will have to be approved by an admin or moderator.

      • If it is turned ON all questions asked on the Q&A tab will appear to all attendees.

    • Broadcast a Message to your viewers

      • To broadcast a message, type inside the Notification Control textbox. Once you have finalized your message hit the Send button below

      • The message that you sent will appear on the screen for all viewers immediately. The viewer will have to close the message in order for it to go away.

      • Something to note is that the messages will stack and not replace the previous message on the screen.

  • Q&A

    • You will see a Q&A tab on the right hand panel of the live session page. It will be your job to review the questions asked by the audience if you have not turned on Auto-Approve.

    • If Auto-approve is off, then questions will be in a pending status.

      • They will appear like so.

    • After reviewing the question you have several options, Approve, Reply, Pin, Asked & Answered or Discard. As the Moderator you will mainly focus on Approving, Discarding and Flagging a question as Answered at the end.

    • To see these options select the Cog at the bottom of the desired question.

    • You will see a different label appear each time you do something.

    • You can always reverse the status of any label applied.

    • Approving allows the question to be viewed by all, this will allow other attendees to reply or like this question.

    • Pinning will add the question to the pinned category, this can be useful to sort through the questions you want to ask.

    • Asked & Answered will flag the question as answered.

    • Discard will remove it from the queue and add it to the discarded category, these will not be viewable by attendees/viewers.

      • Discarded Messages can be restored, navigate to the discarded tab, select the desired question’s cog wheel and from the drop down select Restore

  • Moderator Tabs

      • The Pinned tab will show all the questions admins/moderators have pinned

      • The Latest tab will order question in a ascending order, from newest to oldest

      • The Popular tab will order questions based on the number of likes

      • The Discarded tab is for Moderators only to review discarded questions

  • Questions can be marked for specific speakers to help you direct your questions appropriately

    • These questions will have the speaker name and talk of their presentation in a blue header above the question.

    • Questions can be directed to speakers by clicking the dropdown below the area where the attendee enters their question.

  • Be sure to filter for all questions and not just your own.



  • If your session has polling or a speaker in your session wants to have polling please speak to your conference administrator before the start of the conference.

  • Polls can and should be created prior to your session start time.

  • If polling has been enabled you will see a third pill, in the middle of Q&A and Manage

  • Click Polls

    • If no poll has been created you will only see the option to create a new poll

    • To Create a poll click Create New Poll

      • Enter in the Poll Title, question being asked.

      • Enter the answers or options in each respective option

      • By default 3 options are available, but you can Add new options by clicking Add New Option at the bottom

      • Click Create Poll to Save it

      • Any empty options will not be created

    • Once a Poll is created, it cannot be edited

      • Polls can be deleted.

    • Click the Cog Wheel in the bottom of the poll to see the poll’s settings

      • When a poll is created it is by default hidden from the public

      • It must be set to Public or Live for Attendees to see

      • If it is public attendees can view the question and options but cannot vote

      • Make the Poll Live to let attendees vote

      • Once live the poll will move to the top of the polling screen and will say live in the bottom left corner.

      • Moderators can see the results, but cannot vote on a poll in their session.

      • To Close the poll click the Cog in the corner of the respective poll and select Close Poll or Stop & Make Results Public

      • Close Poll will hide the results from attendees

      • Stop & Make Results will close the poll and let the attendees see the results

      • If you close a poll you can make the results public by clicking Make Public

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