How Do I Build my Itinerary?

How Do I Build my Itinerary?

How Do I Add to my Itinerary? 

  1. Download your conferences app from your app store.
  2. Log into the app using the email you used to register as an attendee. Read about the benefits of logging into the app here.
  3. Click Program from the bottom navigation bar
  4. Search the program by day.
    1. You can use the filters by clicking the filter icon in the top right corner. 
    2. You can use the search bar to filter the program as well.
  5. Click the Star in the session card to add that session to your itinerary.

  6. If there are presentations in the session you can add individual presentations to your itinerary.
    1. Enter the session by clicking on the session card.
    2. Click on the Presentations tab, this will be below the session title block

  7. Repeat the process to add additional sessions or presentations to your itinerary. 

How Do I Access my Itinerary?

  1. Click Program from the bottom navigation bar.
  2. Click the Star from the top right corner beside the filter icon.
  3. You may see No Session Found this is because you have not added any items to your itinerary for that particular day, be sure to search the other days to find what you are looking for.

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