Why and How Do I log into the Mobile App?

Why and How Do I log into the Mobile App?

Why Log into the Mobile App?

There are many benefits to logging into the mobile app:
  1. Create your own itinerary and have it saved. 
  2. Message other attendees and receive messages.
  3. Access to presentation resources, if made available by the presenter. 

How to Log into the Mobile App?

  1. There are several ways to access the login screen.
  2. Log in Screen 

    1. From the home screen click the log in button below the conference banner.

    2. Click the menu icon from the bottom navigation bar or swipe from the edge of the left side of the screen towards the right. When the left hand menu appears click the log in option in the top left area
  3. Entering Credentials

    1. On the login screen it will ask for your email. Enter the email you used to register as an attendee for this conference. 

    2. If you entered an email that is registered for the conference, the app may provide 2 options for confirming. Enter as Password OR Receive a magic link to the email you just entered.
      1. The magic link will log you into the app.

    3. If you enter in the correct password you will be logged into the app.
    4. If you click Email me Magic Link, the app will display a confirmation screen to prompt you to check your email.

    5. To utilize the Email me Magic Link option, you will need access to your email on the mobile device you are logging into. Access can be via app or browser. 
    6. Click on the email's automatic login link button, your device may ask what app you want to open it with, select the conference app. 

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