Exhibit Hall

Exhibit Hall

The Exhibit hall uses the conference's exhibitor module to populate the companies/exhibitors. The exhibitors can be separated by sponsor level or by alphabetically. 

The exhibit hall will pull the companies in your exhibitor module, their sponsor level if you have created and designated them to companies, and their virtual booth content. Click here for more information on sponsor levels

  1. Display Custom text at the top of your exhibit hall
  2. Rename the exhibit hall with your custom label
  3. Display sponsor levels 
  4. Company Cards in a list view displaying the company logos and a truncated company description
  5. Company cards are clickable and open the company profile
    1. Company profiles include the company logo, description, and social media links
    2. Optionally displayed tabs:
      1. Staff: List staff with their name, photo and job title with a contact button that allows attendees to email the staff member
      2. Resources: Display the company's resources (PDFs, Links, and Videos)
      3. Raffle: Display the Raffle and allow attendees to enter.


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