Entering Your Exhibitor Booth

Entering Your Exhibitor Booth

Labels may be different in your virtual conference.

  1. Login to the Virtual Conference Platform. Click here for assistance.
    1. Exhibitor/Sponsor Staff will enter the same way a regular attendee enters.
    2. Exhibitor/Sponsor Staff may have Exhibit Hall Only Access. Speak to your conference administrators if you have questions
  2. Navigate to the exhibit hall by clicking on the exhibit hall in the left-hand navigation menu

  3. Find your company and click on your card

  4. The main area of your booth will look somewhat like this

  5. On the right-hand side of the booth enter the exhibitor video chat room by clicking Join in the Exhibitor Lounge (may be labelled differently for your event)

  6. When you Enter the lounge you will be entered into the main lobby. If you have public-facing staff members they will have their own private rooms. These private rooms are inactive and cannot be joined unless the respective staff member joins. The yellow dot beside their picture represents that they are not in their room.

    1. A green dot represents someone is in that room and people can enter it. 

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