What are Modules?

What are Modules?

The X-CD System is comprised of various modules, or sections of software, each offering functionality for dealing with the sets of data contained within, as well as sharing data and interacting with the other modules.

The X-CD Modules are:
  • Submission Module
  • Forms Module
  • Review Module
  • Program Module
  • Attendee Registration Module
  • Exhibitor Module
  • Continuing Education Module
  • Membership Module

Integration between modules allows information sharing, for example, the Submission Module shares the submission information with the Review Module for relevant activities (such as assigning reviewers to those submissions), as well as with the Program Module for other relevant activities (such as assigning accepted submissions to scheduled sessions). Another example would be the Credit Module, which interacts with the Program Module to designate the eligibility of certain sessions to offer credits such as Continuing Education Credits.

All modules allow the client to pick and choose how integrated they want all of their conference information to be. Using X-CD allows easy access, flow of information and a single repository for conference needs. X- CD modules may also integrate with other third-party applications, but will require some additional development by the X-CD team in order to connect the systems. Contact sales@x-cd.com for more information about API's and connecting to third-party applications.

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