virtual conference keynote sponsor video

Welcome/App Load Sponsor Video

We have created a new high visibility sponsor ad space -  a Welcome App Load Video
  1. Each time a user loads or logs into your virtual platform, they will need to watch a short message/video/ad from the sponsor of your choice
  2. This is a very high profile/prominent ad, as it will be forced on each app load. Something of this level of prominence might be dedicated to your keynote sponsor
  3. They video will only play when the app is loaded or physically refreshed by the user - meaning if someone logs in the first morning of the conference and leaves their browser tab open through the duration of the conference, and never physically refreshes their app, they would only see this video once. However, if someone closes their browser, and logs in once per day, they will see the ad on each app load. 
Recommended video specifications
Resolution: 1920 x 1080p 
Length: 5-15 seconds 

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