Upload a Banner or Logo for a Conference?

Upload a Banner or Logo for a Conference?

For the default, submission or attendee registration site banner we recommend a width of 1000 pixels x 200 to 300 pixels height, PNG format with a non-transparent background. 

For the exhibitor module site banner we recommend a width of 1400 pixels x 200 pixels height, PNG format with a non-transparent background. 

For the Default banner, we suggest using a generic banner, as the default template is used for the Admin, main login screens, profile home and in other generic places. Do not include dates or specific reference to a conference if you have more than one event in the system.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Other Tools
  3. Click Site Template Management icon
  4. Click Edit button beside the template you wish to edit
    • To update the Default template, select the Edit button next to Default
  5. Click Update button beside Body & Header
  6. For Site Banner, click Browse to select the new banner image file from computer
  7. If you wish to link the banner image to a website, enter a URL address in Site Banner Website Link
  8. Scroll down, click Update to apply the new banner

If an uploaded banner image is not displaying

This issue is due to caching (i.e. you are view a 'stored' version of the page).

  • Clear your browser cache and load the page again.
  • Try viewing the page in an incognito or private browser screen.
  • If you still do not see the new image, check that the image was loaded into the template or reload the image again into the template.

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