Submit a Support Ticket

Submit a Support Ticket

How to Submit a Support Ticket?

If you have exhausted searching the online Knowledge Base to try to find an answer or to resolve your issue, then Submit a Support Ticket by following the below steps.

  1. From the Admin Dashboard, click the Three Dots located in the top, upper right hand corner beside your login profile

  2. Select Support Ticket

  3. Complete the form and provide as much detailed information as possible about the issue or what you are trying to do.
    Include the relevant Conference Name, module ID, Contact Name/ID/Email address, Registration Number, Form number and/or Company Name in the description.
    Provide the sequence of steps for us to reproduce the error.
    If you receive an error message with a reference ID number, copy and paste the reference ID number (not a screenshot, copy and paste the text of the reference ID) into the description.

  4. The Support Ticket will be entered into our Help Desk system which is being monitored by a team of Support Agents who are available 9 am - 5 pm Eastern, Monday to Friday (excluding Holidays)
  5. Once you submit, a ticket you will receive a confirmation email message.
  6. You may reply to the responses sent by the support agent. Do not send multiple tickets for the same issue.
NOTE: If your system is down, submit a ticket by emailing: support[at]
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