Streaming Channels

Streaming Channels

Important Note: Multiple channels are only necessary if you are live streaming multiple feeds into your virtual conference platform.

  • If you want to broadcast/stream live content into your virtual conference platform, you need an active streaming channel. As a client using X-CDs virtual platform, we will provide you with an adequate number of Zoom rooms, and streaming channels based on your live streaming needs as specified in your contract. 
  • Any on demand video content does not require a streaming channel as they are not being live streamed - they are available on demand after the session begins. 
  • Each Zoom room will be configured with a streaming channel. It is the client's obligation to plan and invite your speakers to join their Zoom rooms which will be broadcast into your program. 
  • Before your conference you will need to supply X-CD with a spreadsheet of all of your live streamed sessions, to which we will match up your Sessions, Zoom Rooms, and Streaming Channels. 

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