Setting up Email Templates

Setting up Email Templates

You may create drafts of email templates to be used from within specific modules. The templated email that you select to use from within a module will be pulled into the email compose screen.

How to Create the Draft Email

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Email Management
  3. Click Template tab
  4. Click Add Template button
  5. Complete the on-screen files as follows:
    1. Template Name = Enter a label for the Template
    2. Module = select from the Dropdown list the module type that the template will be accessible from
    3. Subject = Enter a Subject line
    4. From Name = Enter the 'From' email name
    5. From Email Address = Enter the 'From' Email address
    6. Email Content = add your draft message (Note: any hotkeys added, will need to be available from the Email compose screen within the module's email compose screen. Not all hotkeys will be available on all Send Email compose screens)
  6. Click Update button to save

To access the Draft Email from a Module

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click the appropriate module
  3. Click Reports button
  4. Click Go for the report you wish to pull the Send Email compose screen in
  5. Click Pick Template dropdown list
  6. Update your draft message accordingly, subject heading, from fields as necessary.
  7. Review and update the list of hotkeys to the hotkeys used in your draft message and update/review hotkeys accordingly
  8. Click Preview to send yourself a sample message
  9. You may edit the message or choose to send the message

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