• If your session has polling or a speaker in your session wants to have polling please speak to your conference administrator before the start of the conference.

  • Polls can and should be created prior to your session start time.

  • If polling has been enabled you will see the third pill, in the middle of Q&A and Manage

  • Click Polls

    • If no poll has been created you will only see the option to create a new poll

    • To Create a poll click Create New Poll

      • Enter in the Poll Title, the question being asked.

      • Enter the answers or options in each respective option

      • By default 3 options are available, but you can Add new options by clicking Add New Option at the bottom

      • Click Create Poll to Save it

      • Any empty options will not be created

    • Once a Poll is created, it cannot be edited

      • Polls can be deleted.

    • Click the Cog Wheel at the bottom of the poll to see the poll’s settings

      • When a poll is created it is by default hidden from the public

      • It must be set to Public or Live for Attendees to see

      • If it is public attendees can view the question and options but cannot vote

      • Make the Poll Live to let attendees vote

      • Once live the poll will move to the top of the polling screen and will say live in the bottom left corner.

      • Moderators can see the results, but cannot vote on a poll in their session.

      • To close the poll click the Cog in the corner of the respective poll and select Close Poll or Stop & Make Results Public

      • Close Poll will hide the results from attendees

      • Stop & Make Results will close the poll and let the attendees see the results

      • If you close a poll you can make the results public by clicking Make Public

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