Participants Menu in the Virtual Conference Settings

Participants Menu in the Virtual Conference Settings

Participants specific settings reside in this sub menu:

  1. Participants Email Messaging - allow participants to email each other. Note: Individuals will still have the capability to turn this off in their profile if they want to opt out. The email is not displayed. Users will receive a message in their email from the X-CD system letting them know a user has emailed them with the messaged included. It will be at that point the user can see the email of the individual. 
  2. Participants Chat - Display to allow attendees to chat with each other through the chat function which appears in the left menu. The chat function allows for text based chatting and video chat if both users are online at the same time. 
  3. Contact Custom Profile Fields - if you want your attendees to fill out specific fields in their profile, you can display them in the Edit Profile area through this setting. The fields can be existing fields, or you can go into your contact form and add a custom field for the conference. 
  4. Session Participant Live Chat Enabled - this is used during live sessions. There will be a tab that appears beside the Q&A tab to the right of the video player. Live chat is for comments and emojois and does not get stored on the Virtual Conference after the session is over. An admin can access the transcript of the chat specific to the session in the Program module. Select the session, click on Manage, select Downloads in the top ribbon. 
  5. Itinerary From Registration - this combines choices selected in the registration module and auto populates the sessions a participant registered for.

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