The program module is an incredibly powerful tool to help save you time in scheduling your sessions/presentations and creating your conference agenda. 

After you have collected and organized your abstracts, assigned them for review, and accepted/rejected them for the conference it is time to start building your program. The program module will help you create session types, specific sessions, and slot in your accepted submissions into the sessions for your program/agenda. 

This is a step by step process as outlined in the program module and in the X-CD knowledge base. After you have created your days, times, and rooms; session types, sessions, and slotted your submissions into your sessions, you can start managing your sessions and plotting them into your interactive agenda grid. This will give you a visual representation of your conference agenda and provide links to each submission. Your agenda grid will then automatically be displayed on a "front-end" online program which you can share with your attendees and speakers once you are finished creating your program in the program module. 

All of your submission and program data is automatically outputted as an online program, but you can output all this data in a variety of different ways. 

  • Online Program
  • Virtual Conference App
  • Native mobile app (App Store and Google Play)
  • Printed Programs
  • Online Proceedings
  • Custom Flash Drive/CD-Rom proceedings 

Contact the sales team for more information about outputting your program!

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