Mobile App Overview

Mobile App Overview

There are 2 layers of mobile apps available through the X-CD software. The most popular is the Conference Mobile App. The other is an Association/Corporate App that encompasses additional member type services including the ability to access more than one conference app.

The Association/Corporate Mobile App is a main organization app that will link all of your conference mobile apps and other organization related services into a single accessible mobile platform. It will not be necessary to roll out a new conference app each year. Members download a single app to access multiple conferences and member services such as membership or association news in the palm of their hands.

The Conference Mobile App directly integrates content from its Submission, Registration, Exhibitor, Forms, Membership, and Credit (CE) modules into a single app (Android and Apple) and places it in the palm of the delegate's hand.


  • Directly connected to program module meaning if a speaker or admin changes a submission or its place in the program, the change is pushed to the mobile app. No updating multiple spreadsheets or documents!
  • Manage and control mobile app content from within the program module
  • Create app screens, manage screen content, send push notifications to attendees of announcements such as room changes.
  • Build personal itinerary by tagging your favourite sessions, presentations and speakers
  • Use QR codes for express check-in integrated with our on-site module
  • CE Credits & Conference Evaluation Forms linked directly into mobile app
  • Advertising & Sponsorship opportunities built into app that allows you to sell Splash page Advertising space or even offer Sponsorship of your entire mobile app
  • Attendee to Attendee chat
  • Sponsor and exhibitor dedicated page

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