Is X-CD in compliance with California State privacy laws, specifically the CCPA?

Is X-CD in compliance with California State privacy laws, specifically the CCPA?

Our system is setup to comply with the GDPR which sets a higher standard than California’s privacy policy laws.   

The CCPA only applies to some companies.  Businesses must comply if they:
  1. Have gross annual revenues of $25 million or more;
  2. Have data on 50,000 or more individuals, households or devices; or
  3. Earn more than half their annual revenue from selling consumers’ personal information

X-CD does not fit into this category nor do most of our clients.  Its also questionable whether a member of an association is considered a consumer under the act.   We would argue they are not. 

Regardless all contact (speakers, attendees, chairs, members, etc.) when they first use a client abstract, registration or membership module each contact must agree to the following:

This offers a first level of protection to our clients. 

We also offer clients the ability to remove old contacts who are no longer members or those individuals who have asked to be removed.  Its also important that ASPE clean their database of old contacts who under the GDPR or other local state or international legislation should not be contacted due to time limits in the database.  Finally, in our email management system we offer our clients the ability to setup email preferences which can be used to control which emails are sent to anyone.

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