Import Session Chairs into the Program

Import Session Chairs into the Program

Use this to import individuals who are tied to a specific chair role into the Program for each Session
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Program button
  4. Click Import in the horizontal menu and select Import Chairs

  5. Click the Import template link on the screen to download the template file

  6. Follow the onscreen instructions for populating the template file. 

  7. For ChairType - refer to the list on the screen and provide the numerical value in the column
  8. For the Chair Firstname, Lastname, Email and Organization, if the individual already has an account in the system, you only need to provide the email address of the individual and the other information will appear in the program, if the content is populated in the user's contact profile.
    IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have more than one chair for the same session, duplicate the fields into another row and provide the Chair information for the other person.
  9. Ensure to save the populated template in .csv format and Click the Upload CSV button.

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