How to Upload a Pre-Recorded Presentation

How to Upload a Pre-Recorded Presentation

Do not follow these steps to upload a video if recording using the Submission Platform, the upload recording step is embedded in the self-recording process.

Important Notes for recording outside of the Submission Platform

Do not record in 4k - use HD quality for recording.
The recording file must be saved in .mp4 format.
The original file recording size will be compressed and reduced in size when being uploaded.
The uploading time is dependent on the file size and your internet connection speed. Please be patient when it is uploading and do not close your browser screen or computer during the upload. A confirmation will appear on-screen upon a successful upload.

  1. Log in to Submission Site
  2. Click Record Presentation button
  3. Click Upload Presentation button
  1. Click Upload File button
    • This will open the computer's file browser where the user will locate the file on their computer to upload.

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