How to Test / View a ‘Display If’ field?

How to Test / View a ‘Display If’ field?

You would test a 'Display If' field setting by simulating an abstract submission. Do not test the form using your admin account.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click your Speakers Module
  3. At the top of the screen, under Submission Overview heading, a web link (URL) is displayed called ‘Front-End Landing Page’, Click the link
    NOTE: This will open the link in a new browser screen.
  4. Click on Click Here to Start button under the heading NEW ABSTRACT
  5. Click Start Abstract button
  6. Select the option on the field that will show the ‘Display If’ field, then the conditional field will appear on the form.
  7. Select an option that the ‘Display If’ field does not apply to, then the conditional field will not display on the form.
    E.G. if you have a field where Presentation Type of ‘Oral’ is selected and you defined a ‘Display If’ Biography text box to appear, then to test this, select ‘Oral’ for Presentation type and your Biography text box will appear. If you unselect ‘Oral’ and select a different option, then the Biography text box will not display.

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