How to setup Auto-Notification for Member Dues Expiring and/or Past Due?

How to setup Auto-Notification for Member Dues Expiring and/or Past Due?

The Auto Notification feature in the Dues Management module allows you to set up automated reminder messages for dues that are coming near expiration and/or past expiration to reminder members to submit payment. Multiple auto notification reminders may be created and sent at different time periods.

For example, a reminder could be sent 30 days before expiry, 7 days before, 1 day before, Day of and 1 day after, 7 days after, etc.

How to Access the Auto Notification feature

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Dues Management
  3. Click Auto Notification in horizontal menu

Turn On Auto Notification

  1. Click Enabled for Enable Notifications
  2. Select the applicable groups in List of Groups
    • You may highlight multiple options by holding down your CTRL/Command key and clicking on options
  3. Enter email address(es) in List of Emails to be Notified
  4. Click Update button

Turn Off Auto Notification

  1. Click Disabled for Enable Notifications
  2. Click Update button

To set up an Auto Notification Message

  1. Under Notification Groups, click Add button
  2. In Action Type, click the drop down list and select an option
    • Email Only - send an email message
    • Delete from Group - will delete the contact from the membership group when the email is sent.
      The contact record will not be deleted.
  3. In Day Count, click the drop down and select from the list
  4. Enter an Email Subject
  5. Compose an Email Message
    • a list of available [HotKeys] are shown in the left side, copy and paste the [HotKey] into the email message
  6. In Note Tracking, enter a reason for auditing purposes
  7. Click Add button
  8. Repeat steps 1 to 7 for each notification you want to create and send.

This is an example of an Email notification to Members who are expiring in 90 days.

To set a rule to remove an expired person from the group, set the Action = Delete from Group.

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