How to set up a Display If conditional field?

How to set up a Display If conditional field?

You may want to ask an additional question that is conditionally based on the response from a previous question.

You may only set a Display If condition on a field that has been previously responded to and that exists on the same form. For example, you cannot set a submission question based on a field value from the contact profile form.

Let's use the example of a logical form field question of "Have you presented before?" If the person selects the option "Yes", an additional field will appear. For this example, that additional hidden field will be "Where and when?".

  1. Build your form with all of your fields and options.
  2. Once you're done, go find the Option (eg. the radio or dropdown option) that is to act as a 'trigger' for the advanced logic to kick in.
    • Eg. If a user selects "Yes" (the option) for a question, and "Yes" is supposed to then make the separate field "Where and when?" appear and/or become required then:
    • The option "Yes" is the trigger
  3. Find this option and edit the option (image attached)
  4. For the field If Selected, Display Fields, select the field(s) to now be displayed
    • Hint: Multi-select by holding down the CTRL/COMMAND key and selecting each field; Repeat this same action to unhighlight an item that has previously been selected.
  5. For the field If Selected, Require Fields, select the field(s) to now be required (i.e. mandatory), if you do not select the field as required, then the field will display but will not force a response to be completed
  6. Click Update Option button to save your changes

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