How to Send a Notification in the Virtual Platform

How to Send a Notification in the Virtual Platform

To schedule or send out notifications, click on Event App under the name of the conference.

1.      Click Notifications in the top menu


2.      You have the option to select a new notification, a scheduled notification and look at past notifications.

3.      Beside Platform, select if you want it to be for the Mobile App and Virtual Platform (Mobile & Web), for the Mobile App Only (Mobile Only) or for the Virtual Platform only (Web only).

4.      Beside Type, select Push & Post if you want to send a push and posted notification (pushes on mobile phones and posts on the Virtual Platform to anyone logged in), Post only (posts to anyone logged into the Virtual Platform, or Push Only within the virtual platform (only to the lobby) or push notifications to mobile phones.  

5.      Select Pin to top of lobby (if you select Push & Post or Post Only) to keep it for attendees to see later. 

6.      An instant notification will get sent out immediately or schedule a notification to go out later. Range will send it at the start date and time, and then be removed from the lobby when it hits the end date and time. Note: it will be scheduled in your conference time zone as noted.

7.      Two message options appear if you selected Push & Post or Push Only. The short message will appear in the push notification, and the full message will appear in the notifications in the mobile app, and in the Virtual Platform.

8.      Notification target:

All App Users will be those who have downloaded the app regardless of whether or not they are logged in.

App Users by Group is for the Mobile App only – you can select users by a contact group or groups they are in.

Conference Participants – the message will get sent to only those logged into the app or platform.

Conference participants by itinerary will be sent to those who have favourited that session but only within the Mobile App.

9.      Link options: Link your post to an Exhibitor, Session, External Link or Networking Lounge. Choose where you want to link to in Select Entity.  

10.   Be sure to include Link text (e.g. Go to session)

11.   Tags can be generated but currently don’t link to anything.

12.   Click on Submit to send or schedule your post


For iOS devices, the character limit is 178 before the text is cut off. This means four lines of text. On Android, the character limits are 65 characters for titles and 240 for descriptions.


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