How to search for an Exhibitor's Registration?

How to search for an Exhibitor's Registration?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Exhibitor Module
  3. Click Manage
  4. Locate the Company Name in the grid or use the search field to enter part of the company name
  5. Click on the Row to open/view the Company Registration

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      Click Dashboard Click Exhibitor Module Click Manage Locate the Company Name and Click on the Row Click Registration in the horizontal menu Select Delete Items to remove an item from the registration Select Add Item if you want to change an existing ...
    • How to Manually Create an Exhibitor Registration?

      Click Dashboard Click Exhibitor Module Click Add Exhibitor in left-side menu Add an Existing Company from the dropdown list or Manually complete the fields to add a new company Click Add Existing Company As Exhibitor button OR Add New Company As ...
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      In order to delete a registration, it must be cancelled first. How to cancel an Exhibitor Registration? This will remove ALL line items on the invoice, sets the invoice amount to zero and the registration status as cancelled. Click Dashboard ...