How to Schedule an Email?

How to Schedule an Email?

If you have unselected recipients to receive the email message, you cannot use the Schedule Email option.

For Scheduled Emails,  the recipient list will be adjusted automatically based on the members who are included in that group at the time and date the scheduled the email is set to be sent i.e. if you are sending an email to all your contacts, and create the email on January 1 and schedule for it to be sent on February 1, all the contacts in your system AS OF FEBRUARY 1 will receive the email. 

When you are in the compose email screen:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page (below the recipient list)
  2. Set Do you want to send this email now?
    • No = schedule a date and time to send
      • Click the calendar icon to select a date and time (Note: Time is based on Eastern Time Zone)
      • Set As Recurring Email Message
        • No = send immediately
          • Click Send Email button 
        • Yes = select Frequency options
          • Set Expiry of recurring message
          • Click Send Email button

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