How to run overall financial reporting for reconciling transactions?

How to run overall financial reporting for reconciling transactions?

The financial reporting area allows you to view your revenue across multiple modules.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Financial Reporting in left-side menu
  3. Pick your date range - a full year or even just a single day if you want to reconcile transactions for one day
  4. Click the checkboxes for the applicable module(s) to retrieve information from
  5. Select Export CSV option to generate the spreadsheet.
  1. If you check the box 'Export with Extended Invoice Item Detail' you will see expanded payment information.
    1. We suggest you try to run the report with the Export with Extended Invoice Item Detail' box checked and unchecked. Your reconciliation process may prefer one download style over the other.
  2. Use the PayMethod column to filter on the payment type e.g. Credit Card vs Wire Transfer.
  3. BE PATIENT - if you are selecting a large range, the download may take some time to generate.

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