How to Manually Upload a File to a Submission

How to Manually Upload a File to a Submission

In some cases, the end user may have trouble uploading a file/files to their submission.
If this is the case, obtain the file from the end user and upload it for the user through the admin screen.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Manage button
  4. Click on the Manage button for the Submission in the Grid
    TIP: Quick search by entering the Submission ID in the Search field above the grid
  5. Click Files in the horizontal menu
  6. In the Upload field, select from the list the file you wish to upload
  7. Click Select File button to locate the file you obtained from the end user

  8. Locate the file and select it, then click Open button
  9. The file will be uploaded and you will see a green upload message. If there is an error with the upload, refer to the on-screen error message. Files are all auto re-named based on the field name and submission ID #.
    Note: File names should not contain special characters such as #$%@!&*^()
  10. Once the file has successfully uploaded, you will see the file in the file list in the lower half of the screen along with other uploaded files with a date and time stamp recorded.
  11. If you wish to remove the file, click the Delete button next to the file.

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