How to Manually Add an Attendee Registration

How to Manually Add an Attendee Registration

You may add an attendee using two different methods:

  1. Adding the attendee manually using the Admin Dashboard OR
  2. Logging in as the contact and completing the attendee registration form

Manually Adding an Attendee through the Admin Dashboard

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click + Add Attendee in left side menu
  4. Under Add Existing Contacts, search for the individual to see if there is already a contact profile in the system for the individual
    • If a match is found, click on the name, then click Add Existing Contact button
    • If no match, on the right side of the screen, complete the Add Contact section, then click Add New Contact As Attendee button
  5. A registration form will open, click Registration in horizontal menu
  6. Select Add Items
  7. In the Registration Screen, select the applicable registration items
  8. Scroll down and click Update Registration button
  9. At this point a registration has been created for the individual
    • You may email the individual to login and submit online payment for the registration
      • Click Admin in the horizontal menu
      • Select Email Attendee
      • Update the Subject Header and body of message.
      • Click the field for ‘Do you want to attach a copy of the attendee’s invoice to the message’ to Yes
      • Click Preview Email to view the email before you send OR Click Send Email
    • You may enter payment information through the admin interface - follow the steps here

Logging in as the Contact and Completing the Attendee Registration Form

Note: Use this method if a contact profile already exists and you wish to also process an online payment for the registration

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Contacts module
  3. Click View Contacts
  4. Search for the individual in the grid and click Manage button for the individual
  5. Click Login As in the horizontal menu
  6. Click Login Login to Profile Home button
    • Note: you will be logged out as admin and into the user account
  7. Click on the Registration link
  8. Complete the Registration Form and payment information following the on-screen instructions.
  9. Once payment has been completed, this will automatically email a receipt to the attendee.

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