How to manage Incomplete Registrations using the Complete Attendee Wizard

How to manage Incomplete Registrations using the Complete Attendee Wizard

The complete Attendee Wizard automates interactions with ONLY incomplete attendees.

You may create up to 3 steps. A common setup would be:

  1. Email the attendee a reminder
  2. Email the attendee another reminder
  3. Delete the attendee registration from the system

You define the actions of each step and how many steps.

For example, your first step could be "Delete Attendee" - which would remove the attendee registration from the conference.

Deleting an attendee registration will not delete a contact profile but will remove the registration record.
"Delete Just Invoices" will remove all invoices for the attendee from their 'abandoned' shopping cart but will leave their registration record with no items on it.

The steps do not impact registrations that are:

  1. Complete Attendees
  2. Pending Attendees
  3. Canceled Attendees
  4. Any Incomplete attendee with an existing payment
  5. Any attendee who has been protected
    • To protect an attendee, go to that attendee's management. From the Direct Action Menu, select "Status Control".

How to access the Complete Attendee Wizard

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Attendee Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Advanced Options in the horizontal menu
  5. Select Complete Attendee Wizard

Turn OFF Complete Attendee Wizard

  1. Toggle the Enabled to OFF to disable

Turn ON Complete Attendee Wizard

  1. Toggle the Enabled to ON to enable.
  2. Enter an email address in Email Summary To

Define the Action Steps

  1. For Action 1, click in the field for a drop-down and select one of the following
    • Email Only - sends an email to the delegate
    • Delete Just invoices - removes the shopping cart items from the registration, but registration remains
    • Delete Attendee - removes the registration form from the system
  2. For Day Count After Starting Registration, set the number of days to wait until the email is sent to the delegate
    • If a delegate completes their registration before the Day Count is reached, they will not be emailed.
    • If a delegate's registration is still in an incomplete status by the time the Day Count is reached, the delegate will be sent the email
  3. Set the Email Subject
  4. Compose the Email Message
    • [HotKeys] are available to insert into your message, copy and paste the keys into the email message.
    • [RemoveRequestURL] is a unique link that will allow the delegate to remove their own registration.
  5. In Note Tracking, enter text for audit tracking purposes
  6. Repeat Steps 1 - 5 above for Action 2 and, if desired, Action 3
  7. Once all of the Actions have been defined, click Save button

In the below example, there are 2 steps defined:

  1. a reminder email
  2. if the registration is still incomplete 11 days after the email reminder was sent, delete the registration

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