How to Import Track Chairs

How to Import Track Chairs

NOTE: The Track Chair must already have a contact profile in the system. If your Track Chair does not have an account, you must add a Contact first to create a contact profile. If there are many, you may use the Contact Import to create the new contact profiles first.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Review button
  4. Click Track Chairs in the horizontal menu, select Track Chair Import
  5. Click the link for Import Template to download the template file to populate
  6. Open the downloaded Import Template file in excel (By default, the file is saved to your downloads folder on your computer)
  7. In the first column, enter the corresponding track number for a single track. Refer to the Track list reference provided on the Import screen
  8. In the second column, enter the email address of the Track Chair
  9. Repeat steps 7 and 8 for each track and Track Chair
  10. Save your file as UTF-8 .csv format
  11. If you closed the Import Screen, re-open it by repeating Steps 1 to 4
  12. Click Upload CSV button to locate the populated template file on your computer, once you have located your file, select it and then click the Open button|
    The import will run and display an onscreen message with a success message and any errors that occurred.
  13. Click Track Chairs in the horizontal menu and select Manage Chairs to view the Track Chairs.
  14. Click on row to view the tracks that have been assigned to the individual
TIP: If you have a Track Chair that needs access to more than one track, you will create multiple rows with the same email address, but each will contain a different track number

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