How to Import Presentation / Program IDs

How to Import Presentation / Program IDs

NOTE: The Presentation / Program ID is not the same as the Submission ID. The Submission ID will stay intact and the Program ID will be assigned to the submission and may be displayed in the program. In the Manage Session Screen, the Program ID is the column next to Item Duration.

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker Module
  3. Click Program button
  4. Click Import in horizontal menu
  5. Select Import Presentation IDs
  6. In the first step of the instructions, Download this file - click the link to the Import Template and download it
    • Follow the instructions in the file and populate the columns accordingly.
    • Ensure to keep the file formatted and save as CSV.
    • Do NOT delete, move or edit any columns or column titles.
    • Include email addresses of authors and co-authors in the import file.
  7. Click Dashboard
  8. Click Speaker Module
  9. Click Program button
  10. Click Import in horizontal menu
  11. Select Import Presentation IDs
  12. Click Upload CSV button
  13. Locate the file on your computer and upload the file.

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