How to download video files?

How to download video files?

NOTE: Videos cannot be downloaded in bulk and must be downloaded one-by-one.
  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speaker module
  3. Click Reports button
  4. Click Presenters tab
  5. Click Go for All Presenters #2 report
  6. Click Advance
  7. Click Download Excel
  8. In the list of fields, click the checkbox that corresponds to the video field
  9. Click Download button
  10. Open the file, in column B, the video link for each video file will appear
  11. Click a video link, this will open a new browser tab and begin to play the video
  12. Click the Pause button to stop the playback, on the bottom far right side of the video player, click the 3 dots

  13. Select Download and the video file will be downloaded to your computer

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