How to Download Company Data

How to Download Company Data

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Companies Module in left-side menu
  3. If applicable, use the filter to search for a subset of companies e.g. To find all companies in Canada, select Country from the dropdown list and enter the search criteria Canada
  4. Click the Search button to perform the search
  5. Click Download button
  6. Choose if you wish to include company contact data for the companies to be included in the download (NOTE: This pulls contacts that are affiliated to the Company)
  7. Select the fields you want included in the download file or click the Check All button

  8. Scroll down, click Download Report button
    NOTE: The first 2 columns in the download report are references to the Company Affiliation for the contact. i.e. when you view a contact profile on the bottom right side of the screen Company Affiliation

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