How to Download a list of Chairs or email Chairs

How to Download a list of Chairs or email Chairs

NOTE: This allows you to send an email to or download the data of any of your defined Session Chair types in X-CD e.g. Panelists, Moderator, Co-Chair.
  1. Click on Dashboard
  2. Under the Conference Event, click Manage Program link

  3. Click Sessions in the horizontal menu
  4. Select Session Chairs
  5. Click Communication Center button
  6. Click Go To Download/Email button
  7. Select the Chair type(s)
    1. multi-select by holding the Shift/Ctrl/Command keys and clicking the items to be included
  8. Select the Session(s)
  9. Click Advance button
  10. Click Send Email to bring up a compose email screen or click Download Excel to generate a report

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