How to Display Session Information for Scheduled Submissions?

How to Display Session Information for Scheduled Submissions?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Settings button
  4. Click Submission Steps in the horizontal menu
  5. Click Add New Step button
  6. Select Step Type = Once per Submission
  7. Enter a Step Label i.e. this is the label the end user will see on the button in the Submission site NOTE: Keep the Label Name Short
  8. Select Step Definition = View Session Assignment
  9. Click Create button

  10. Click Edit beside the step created
  11. Define further settings such as:
    • Display to > Authors and Co-Authors
    • Display Only To Session IDs (optional) > select if you only want to display the Session information select sessions in the program; if none are selected then this button will display for all submissions, even submissions that are not scheduled in the program.
  12. Click Update Step button

On the Front-end, when the user logs into the submission site, they will see a Session Details button for each submission. Clicking on the Session Details button will display the following pop-up screen with the Session information if the submission has been scheduled in the program.

If a Submission has not be schedule yet into the program, the following information will appear on the front-end.

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