How to Create a New Conference or Event?

How to Create a New Conference or Event?

If you are a licensee of the X-CD system, you are able to create as many conferences as you need from your admin dashboard.

  • You will be able to give your new conference a unique event name, event short name, its own unique color scheme/banner/template, start and end dates, event description, and website.
  • You can then activate the modules you wish to use for the conference, and customize each of them to your liking. You are able to activate the Attendee,  Exhibitor and Submission modules.
  • Once your new conference is created in your X-CD system, you may manage the conferences independently from each site

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Add New Conference button on the left side menu
  3. Populate the Fields for:
    • Event Name - The full name of the event/conference
    • Event Short Name - an abbreviation/acronym for the event/conference
    • Conference Type - click the first field and select an option from the dropdown list of enter a new event type in the 2nd field e.g. Annual Meeting / Webinar / Virtual Conference
    • Event Website Template - If there is an existing template from a former conference, select it here; otherwise, set to Default
    • Event Start Date - The first day of the event in mm/dd/yyyy format
    • Event End Date - The last day of the event in mm/dd/yyyy format
    • Event Description - Provide details of the event.
    • Conference Website - The URL for the independent website, if there is one for the Event
  4. Activate the Modules to use for the Conference
    • For each module, click the Check box (checked) to Enable
    • Provide Contact Name
    • Provide Contact Email
      • For Attendee Module, provide an Invoice Prefix value
      • For Contact Form, If there is an existing template from a former conference, select it here; otherwise, set to Default
      • For Registration, If there is an existing template from a former conference, select it here; otherwise, set to Blank Form
  5. Click Create New Event button
This will create the Conference and list all of the activated modules under it. Group logic will be transferred

Hide/Display logic on fields or field options will not be transferred and will need to be reapplied.


Helpful Tip!
If your organization holds many events with different types, such as Masterclasses, Seminars, Conferences, etc... Be sure to fill in the Conference Type accordingly. This will allow you, the administrator, to filter your events by Conference Type, saving you time when looking for the correct event in your dashboard!

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