How to configure the Review Site Settings?

How to configure the Review Site Settings?

  1. Click Dashboard
  2. Click Speakers Module
  3. Click Review button (If using the Paper Review module, select Review Papers in left side menu)
  4. Click Settings in horizontal menu
  5. You may configure:  (HINT: click on the  ?  beside the field name to learn more about the field.)
    • Submission Review Site: Set to Open/Closed.
      • If the site is closed, reviewers will not be able to access anything.
    • Submission Review Form: Set to Open/Closed.
      • If the review form is closed, reviewers will be unable to submit or edit their reviews.
      • If the site remains open, they can still login to view the submissions and their existing reviews.
    • Max. Reviews per Submission: Select from dropdown list
      • Select the maximum number of reviews allowed per submissions
    • Blind Review: Set to Yes/No
      • If you click Yes, the reviewers will not be able to see the names or institutions of the author(s) for the papers which they are reviewing.
    • Advanced Search: Set to Yes/No
      • Lets the Reviewer search by Keyword, Author Lastname or Submission ID#
      • This will then display a print preference type to allow reviewers to download and print assigned reviews
    • Submission Review Screen Instructions
      •  Optional text to appear on the screen which lists the reviews for a reviewer. 
    • Submission Reviewer Email
      • This is the email message that will go out when you select to email reviewers who have been assigned reviews.
    • Reviewer Email Subject
    • Reviewer Reminder Email
      • This is the default email message that will go out when you choose to create a reminder email to incomplete reviewers.
    • Reviewer Reminder Email Subject
    • Track Chair Notification Email
      • This is the email message that will go out when you select to email chairs who have been assigned to manage a track.
    • Track Chair Email Subject
    • Abstain Admin Notification: Set to Yes/No
      • If a reviewer abstains from reviewing, select whether the Admin would be notified
    • Abstain Admin Email List
    • Submission Form Fields: Select "Yes" to display the field to the reviewer.
      • You may choose which fields from the submission form will be made available to the reviewers.
  6. Click Update to save the configuration settings.

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